Guerrero Mexico Cuisine

Food from Guerrero Mexico

Eating out literally anywhere in Guerrero is always a motive of celebration, as its cuisine incorporates the various influence of indigenous, Spanish and French ingredients and cooking traditions, as well as the culinary legacy left behind in the state by the French colonists from the XIX century.

mole de jumil Guerrero

Notable local dishes include the mole de jumil, made of a local insect and typical of Taxco, dishes derived from pigeons and quail meat from Iguala, the pulp from Acapulco

atole Guerrero mexico

How about a unique rice sponge cake from Teloloapan, followed by the thick maize tortillas known locally as memelas or the hot maize drink called atole and, to top it off, the famous local green stew?

memelas Guerrero mexico

If you enjoy trying new dishes you´ll be spoilt for choice in Guerrero, the varied and unique food options being pretty much idyllic for a food connoisseur.