Guerrero Dances & Rituals

Guerrero dance

One of the most deeply rooted cultural expressions within the society of Guerrero is dance; the people of the state have danced throughout history to celebrate, evangelize, as either a social protest or plainly to represent the fauna and flora of the place.

Dance of the Tecuani guerrero

Some of the State‚Äôs main performances are the Dance of the Corn Sowers which takes place in the central part of the state. Another famous performance being the Dance of the Devils, which is meant to teach spectators the differences between good and evil, followed by the Dance of the Manueles, through which the common citizen would free their rage against the high social classes during the XVIII century; the Dance of the Tecuani, which depicts the hunt for tigers, which in the nahuatl language means “something that eats”; in addition to other performances such as the dances of the Tejoneros, the Maizeros, the Pescadores, the Zopilotes, the dance of los Machos and, finally the dance of the Moros.

Tejoneros Guerrero Mexico